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👋 I’m Nicci—a writer, UXer and content strategist. Founder of Firebird, a product and content studio supporting conscious work and culture.

My mission: make the internet a better place to be. Product and purpose. Craft and community.

I’ve been a remote company of one for 15 years. As a freelance journalist, copywriter and author—in media, marketing, PR and advertising.

Newsletter nerd 🤓 I’ve written 12 books on health and wellness topics.

Now deep-diving into the badass world of UX and Content Design, learning every day.

I’m social media officer at NUJ London Freelance and on the Freelance Industrial Council. I also work a 4-day week.

My passions: French fashion. Verb, flâner, to stroll—roaming and reflecting, slow travel, smart growth in small towns via remote work 👩‍💻 🏃‍♀️

Writing online since 1995 ✍️

Still reading? Excellent. Let’s have a chat: nicci@niccitalbot.io.

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